Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Greetings

7 - 6 - 5 count down to sailing day. Our luggage has GONE!!! It is nice to say when people ask, "when do you leave" the answer is Next Week.... Looking forward to be taken care by wonderful staff on the Amsterdam. No washing or ironing for 4 months, no cooking, and not having to make our bed. It does not get any better than this.

Leaving for the east coast of Florida tomorrow to bring in the year 2010. As everyone knows we have been celebrating New Years together with the Friedman's and the Steins for 45 plus years. It is very exciting to have spent so many New Years with special friends. Lots of laughing and crying along the way but we are here to enjoy another year together .Akron is my shettle and I have lived there for all of my 75 years. I have kept all my childhood friends and added many new cherished ones . Remember the saying "make new friends and keep the old, some are silver and the others gold.

We wish all our Family and Friends in Akron and Florida a very happy healthy New Year, filled with everything that is important to you..May the New Year bring joy to your heart.


  1. Hi Lourie/Bill, I just wanted to try to comment before you leave to see if you can access it......Arlene

  2. We hope your New Year will be a Healthy and
    Happy one, starting with great travel and
    adventure. We look forward to your sharing it
    with all of us via this great mode of communi-cation. Who could have imagined this in Vlodova? Lois and Al

  3. Hi Lourie/Hi Bill,
    Another Bon Voyage and lots of hugs & kisses! Looking forward to hearing all about your round-the-world trip.
    Renee & Eddy

  4. NU??? You are already into day 2 of your "short" trip. Any opinions, yet?

    Love...Loretta and Bob

  5. Jan. 9, 2010

    Good morning to our lovely and (we hope)healthy traveling friends. You will be happy to know that the weather here is really awful for Florida...cold, rainy, 40 degrees. We hope that your weather is much better. may not have taken enough reading material. Love to you both from Loretta and Bob