Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grand World Tour


  1. Hi Lourie, I am testing this on very cold and snowy day. Hope yours is warmer. Lois

  2. Hi Lourie & Bill,
    Well this is my 2nd try at this message for some reason the first one didn't go through. Hope all is well and that you are settled in and have met many of your email pals. When we returned home from taking you to the Amsterdam everyone called to make sure you got there and were on your way. Today here in Paradise is cold and rainy but still much better than Ohio. Hopefully your weather is warmer in Puerto Limon which is where your itinerary tells me you are today. Everyone has been calling to see if we have heard from you so hope that you are not having trouble with your blog. Have a great day! We miss you but are so happy you are on this wonderful adventure! ENJOY each day!!!!!!
    Diane & Nick

  3. Hi! Hope that you are both getting settled in and starting to really enjoy being on the boat! Can't wait to read about everything you're doing! With love from snowy Cleveland

  4. 1-14-10

    I am pleased to say that we finally can read your are doing it just fine. Weather in beautiful Naples is still in the 40' it is not what we want.

    Loretta and I are now beginning to go to the classes given by the
    Florida Gulf Coast University. Stimulating, to say the least.

    Keep writing and please, stay well!!

  5. So glad we are finally on the connect. Keep up the good work so we can enjoy "our travels" - vicariously. All is well here, just trying to stay warm. That shouldn't be a problem for you, however. Enjoy! Enjoy! Lois & Al

  6. Just logged on and am happy to hear that you are having a great time. Between you and my friend who is doing volunteer work in Africa
    I get to see the world! All is good here and the weather is finally warming up. Keep writing and enjoy every moment! Reecie

  7. Hi Lourie,
    So nice of you to share your trip with us. We love hearing from you.
    Re: Reading, PA, it's my mother's hometown -- a small town and I still have family there. If you want to plan a little jewish geography, ask Pat and Barry if they know any Kozloffs or Fromms.
    The Roses

  8. hi lourie,i am so happy to read your blog!we are very pleased with oour condo in ft.myers!great tennis and bridge!i am at my sisters house right now! susan is here for the weekend!she loves our place!we will try to get on your blog when we get home!the regals!

    Hi Lourie and Bill,
    We'll keep watching to see your progress. You make it sound like the perfect place to be. Enjoy... Clara & Shelly

  9. Wow! Walkers, canes, etc. Look what I am missing,and for Al another excuse for taking a cruise just went overboard. Happy to know you are helping the world's economy. Now will you have the space to store it all before you end your travels? Love reading your descriptions of both food and sights.Keep up the good work. Lois