Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week One


Our trip over to Ft. Lauderdale was easy thanks to Diane and Nick. They picked us up at nine, we had breakfast, drove over the Alley and arrived at the Amsterdam by eleven thirty. Our bags were whisked away at the curb, we walked onto the Gangplank, turned in our Passports, shook hands with the Captain, and we were on Board. Somehow we avoided all the lines, frustrating searches and multiple questions. Of course there is always chapter 2. We left two hours late, wondering if we will arrive at our first port on time.

Well, blogging has become very frustrating. I write and write think I am saving and then open it up the next day and everything is gone. So once more I am going to start again and see how far I go.


The ship is a mid size ship. Perfect to move around, not so big that we are always lost. The public rooms, are lovely with beautiful flower arrangements. The entertainment in the lounges is very good. We listen to the piano every night, and the violin player after dinner and before the late show. Can you believe we stay up until 10 every night to watch the show.

The steward brings us coffee and juice every morning. We sit out on the Veranda and read the paper and the activities for the day. Then we go for a leisurly breakfast. Not to shabby…. Have been keeping very busy going to lectures, re-arranging our room and trying to learn the computer. When Bill is not looking I stop by the casino. So far I am $5 ahead.

Dinner is a table for six. One couple is from Denmark , Peter and Lotti, and I guess around 60ish. He was working the shipping industry, headhunted to Switzerland and then a year latter laid off. They are cruising to decide what to do with their lives. Of course they are in a deluxe suite and live in a penthouse at home. The other couple live in Reading Pa. and she is on her fourth husband. Pat is 80 and Barry looks to be around 65. If you ask me Pat looks much younger than Barry. All of us should look like Pat at 80. Pat was an accountant with her own firm and Barry worked for ADT. They are on their second world cruise. Both couples are wonderful dinner partners.

Our first port was Limon, Costa Rica. We took the Rain Forest arial tour. Birds, animals, butterflies and best of all a helecopter dragonfly. Beautiful blue color and double decker wings.

Then onto the Canal. Much different than the last time. Not as many ships or container ships going through. Not as many containers on each ship and lots and lots of empty ships dropped anchors. Rusting away. Bill has scrapped them all. We took a side trip to Monkey Island and had the fun of monkeys jumping all over the little speed boat we were in.
One practically jumped in my lap. However the most interesting part was being close in the water and going around watching them dredge the channels to make them wider and deeper for the new channel they are trying to finish for the 100 anniversary in 2014. Put my hands in the water even with crocodiles floating around. That was really the most exciting part of the tour.

Today we are cruising again. Bill went to a Emerald lecture, then to a Opera discussion with the Rabbi. I am trying to Blog and read my book. Judy was right, once you start the Help you can’t put it down. Off to the pool and a long drink of cold water..


  1. I don't think you got my comment, so I'll try again. Do you always eat with the same couples? Did you go to Fri. eve services? Was that a good experience? This new blog entry is perfect.Love, Arlene

  2. We finally fiqured out when to write a comment about you two and your trip.

    All we can say now is: HAPPY AND HEALTHY TIMES FOR YOU!!!

  3. Hi Lourie & Bill,
    Now I am getting frustrated, this is my 3rd try. I keep doing something wrong when I go to send my comments. It was wonderful to get your blog, hear about your experiences and how you are doing. It sounds wonderful and very interesting! Lourie you are doing a great job on the blog!!! Keep up the good work! Had dinner at your condo last night with the Olender's & Rabbi Al & Shirley. It was very strange being there without you. All is well but Donna & Bill are still learning how to work things. It was pure genius to leave them the directions for the appliances. Without those we might not have eaten last night and there definitely would have been no coffee. Stay well, keep having fun, and keep blogging. We miss you but are so happy for you.
    diane & nick